Endpoint Protection

Defend Your Organization and Improve Your Security Posture

Today’s hackers are actively targeting businesses like yours, and they're getting better at sneaking into environments undetected. As attackers evolve their offense, you need to evolve your defense. The Shield Security Platform by Axio Networks delivers a powerful suite of endpoint protection, detection and response capabilities backed by 24/7 threat hunting—empowering you to fight back against attackers even with limited resources, time and budget on your side.

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24/7 Ransomware Defense You Can Measure

Adversaries expect SMB and Mid-sized organizations to lack proper ransomware defense. Prove them wrong.

Many ransomware defense strategies and tools create a false sense of security. AxioShield eliminates that uncertainty. Our threat intelligence, analysis tools, and ML-enabled detections protect your business against ransomware by finding and blocking the key vulnerabilities and lateral pathways missed by other providers.

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