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Whether you need comprehensive government IT support, assistance with your strategy and budgeting for the upcoming fiscal year, a roadmap to upgrade your technology, or an expert to help you leverage technology trends, are replacing and upgrading your IT infrastructure for your students, faculty, and staff. Axio ITm has the experience and resources to help lead you forward.

Our team of highly experienced IT professionals assess what you need and provide tailored Education and Government IT solutions to keep your systems up and running without any slowdowns.


Upgrading your network security is paramount to preventing a costly and time-consuming data breach. We can help you keep your data safe by evaluating and recommending changes based on industry best practices and upgrading your firewall system if needed.

make sure your sensitive data and systems are protected
keep your network running smoothly


Our team can help you design a network solution that will relieve network congestion, so you won’t experience slowdowns or network disruptions. Our knowledgeable Education & Government IT Solutions team provides the hardware and software to best fit your organization’s needs and budget, along with seamless integration services.


Our WiFi heat mapping and optimization services evaluate the coverage, performance, and design of your wireless network. From there, we can create a customized plan to optimize locations and settings to ensure consistent reliability and performance to get your WiFi network operating how it should be.

provide the best wifi experience
modernize your municipality with secure it services

Modernize Your Municipality With Secure IT Services

As the expert managed IT provider for municipal governments in the United States, Axio ITm actively protects cities from the onslaught of cybersecurity attacks targeting American cities. Municipal governments now have access to unprecedented funding to modernize their agencies through the American Rescue Plan Act and CARES. Axio ITm can help you maximize available funds to secure your agency and better serve your citizens.

IT Services Invested in Your City

With the right team, IT doesn’t have to be stressful. We focus on creating IT strategies that help bring you peace of mind. With the right combination of cybersecurity, the cloud, and IT support, you can deliver the essential services your community relies on with less worry and more confidence than ever.

A Cybersecure City

American cities are being attacked more than any ever before, making cybersecurity critical. Axio ITm keeps your municipality, employees, and residents secure.

Compliant IT

For over 20 years, local governments have trusted Axio Networks to create affordable, compliant managed IT solutions. We have first-hand experience managing compliance requirements: your compliance requirements, whether its PCI, HIPAA, FedRamp or CJIS.

Strategic partners

We help municipal governments modernize their operations with networks that meet federal and state compliance regulations without breaking the bank. American cities and law enforcement agencies have trusted Axio ITm to design compliant and affordable cloud through Azure and Office 365 government community cloud (GCC).

Better support

With a 24/7 support team, threat-monitoring and a proactive team, Axio ITm eliminates IT problems before they have the chance to occur. We leverage technology to help you serve your constituents safely and quickly.

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