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Would You Benefit From A Relationship With Axio?

WHY Choose Us?

If you work for a small to medium sized business who needs an IT partner with years of experience, fantastic customer support, and customized IT services to meet your needs, partnering with Axio could provide significant benefits.

WHY Not Us?

If you want someone that come in an and help on when a computer is already malfunctioning, have only one to two employees with no physical location, or are looking for someone to install some illegal software, partnering with Axio would likely not provide many long-term benefits for your company.

What is your Role?

CEO / Owner

Decision Maker

As the CEO, you have a significant responsibility to protect your company, clients, and data. You need to trust that a company you partner with will be there when you need it.

CFO / Consultant

Trusted Advisor

As the CFO, you need to do your due diligence and research the best IT consultants around. You want to guide your company to a brighter future while maintaining safety.

COO / IT Manager

Technical Lead

As the IT manager, you know IT. You need help managing the devices, systems, hardware, software, and more. You need someone to have your back and keep up with your needs.

Office Manager

Problem Solver

As the office manager, you need to problem solve. What you want is someone that is there when anything goes awry that can jump in, fix the issue, and keep everything moving.

Working with Axio IT Management

Picking a managed IT services company means working with a company you rely on and trust to keep your business safe. It is not a simple decision to be made lightly.

1. Learn

What Do I Need?

Decide what you need. Look objectively at your business. How can you keep your information and devices safe?


2. Decide

Who's my best choice?

Compare your options. Find an IT company that suits your specific needs. Use the "How to Choose an IT Provider" whitepaper to help evaluate!


3. Relax

I'm in Good Hands

You did it! You made the best decision for your company, and know your business, employees, and customers are safe.


4. Grow

Focus on the Business

Protection gives you an edge - use it! Increase efficiency, productivity, and thrive. Set new business goals and reach them!


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What Our Client’s Say?

When assistance is required, they step in and make everything right. It's the best support you can ask for.”

- Kevin Mann

Manufacturing Company, Phoenix, AZ

"Axio ITm is crucial for our organization. All the engineers we've worked with are skilled, professional, and approachable. For all IT requirements, from setup to hardware & software acquisition and maintenance, I suggest Axio ITm. It's a complete solution."

- Paul Patacca

Law Firm, Garden City, NY

"Axio ITm responds rapidly to issues. They have the capacity to send difficult problems up the line until they are resolved for the customer. I appreciate their professionalism and quick turn around time."

- Michael Flemming

CPA Firm, Farmingdale, NY

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