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Penetration Testing Services in the United States

Uncover the unknowns in your environment in order to prepare and defend against cyber attacks. Axio ITm is a leading US penetration testing company, with offices around the country, offering independent security testing services. Secure your business by identifying, analyzing and mitigating cyber vulnerabilities.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is a technical cybersecurity exercise aimed at finding security weaknesses in a company’s internal and external networks, web applications or systems. This cybersecurity assurance is provided against an organization’s assets.

By utilizing pen test services to identify security vulnerabilities, businesses are able to find out the extent to which their assets (people, process and technology) are exploitable and can then take the necessary steps to reduce the risk. This type of security testing, also known as ethical hacking, is more about manual approach and is targeted to find vulnerabilities in real-world scenarios outside the reach of vulnerability scanners or a vulnerability assessment (See the difference in FAQ section below).

Our cyber security services are tailored to help your business stand against security incidents such as data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Benefits of Penetration Testing Service

  • Protect your business against evolving threats
  • Create a proactive approach to information security
  • PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOX, HIPPA Compliance support
  • Validate your security controls
  • Demonstrate cyber security commitment
  • Helps shape IT strategy

Penetration Testing Offerings

There are many different types of security services offering different benefits and uses. Our penetration testing service cover a broad spectrum of domains such as cloud, wireless, mobile, stealth campaigns, phishing, IoT, external & internal network infrastructure, social engineering and solutions.

Network Penetration Testing

Internal & external network infrastructure pen testing service covers multiple scopes ranging from single build reviews, segregation reviews to network-wide assessments such as active directory or a cyber health check.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Most organizations are migrating to cloud due to ease of use and 24 x 7 availability.

As an end user of cloud hosted solution, it is your responsibility to ensure that the security of any operating systems and applications hosted in the cloud are continuously maintained and tested.

Bespoke Security Reviews

This comprehensive cybersecurity audit covers supply chain risk, M&A due diligence, IoT and a range of advanced penetration testing scenarios and bespoke projects that can be tailored for the security needs of your company. Remote working security assessment falls under this category.

Penetration Testing Methodology

Assessment methodology defines the depth and breadth of how and on what basis test cases are generated. Axio ITm’s pentesting engagement methodology is broken down into five phases:

Initial Scoping & Objectives Agreement

This is a conversational phase to go through pain points/primary security concerns and discuss the assets in scope, out of scope and the objectives for the security test. Communication protocols, fragile components, third-party service providers authorization, pre-requisites and planning falls into this phase.


The recon process involves collecting information about the target network, application, systems or devices as much as possible. This sets the ground for attack layout preparation.


This is an activity aimed at finding what services (such as email services, web services hosting applications, file transfer services/protocols) are running on each of the targets in scope. Activities such as network mapping, service enumeration, vulnerability scanning are part of this phase to identify network and operating system vulnerabilities.


The vulnerability exploitation phase involves exploiting the identified vulnerabilities to measure the extent of the breach of a security vulnerability. It is performed in a controlled manner, keeping in view the fragility of the assets in scope and agreed objectives. Password testing (cracking & analysis), vulnerability research, lateral movement, post-exploitation activities belong to this section.


This is amongst the most important parts of any security test. The information must make sense to customers investing their time and resources. All our reports include raw data, supporting screenshots, tactical and strategic recommendations, management reports and technical reports. There is a debrief call at the end of every security assessment to ensure the customer has an understanding of the findings and have a remediation plan in mind.


This is an optional remediation consultancy to help mitigate cyber security risk to the relevant asset identified during penetration testing. Due to security skill-set and environmental complexities faced by organizations, our approach involves risk focused approach towards risk remediation.

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